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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RoomAI free to use?

Yes, you can generate one image per day for free on RoomAI. However, due to the high cost of computational resources, we can't provide more free trials. After your trial, we recommend you upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all features.

What's Coins?

Coins are the image rendering resources of RoomAI. RoomAI needs to rent A100 graphics cards to render your room photos. Each photo render takes about 10 seconds of GPU time. In order to keep the project running smoothly, users need to pay for the GPU costs using Coins. Under normal circumstances, 1 Coin can be used to render an image once.

How to acquire Coins?

There are several methods to acquire 50 Coins:

  1. Upgrade to Pro membership. During the Pro subscription period, you are allotted 50 Coins per day.
  2. Participate in RoomAI activities, recommend other users to use RoomAI or write a user review to earn Coins.

How are Coins used?

If you are a free trial member, you get 1 Coin per day to experience the basic features of the app. If you have a Pro membership subscription, you have a daily allotment of 50 Coins.

What if I'm a Pro member and 50 Coins per day are not enough?

If you're a Pro member and find that the daily allotment of 50 Coins is insufficient, you can purchase additional Coins via the 'Pay as you go' option. The system will prioritize the use of the 50 Coins from your Pro membership daily allotment. Once these are exhausted, it will then use the Coins acquired through 'Pay as you go'.

Can I use these designs commercially?

Absolutely! If you're a user with a paid subscription that supports commercial usage, you have the rights to use the designs for commercial purposes. However, please remember that rights for personal and commercial use depend on the type of subscription you have. Always ensure your usage aligns with your subscription terms.

How can I achieve good results with RoomAI?

Whether you want to restyle an existing space or create a design from scratch, our AI can handle it. You can upload images, select design elements, or even start from scratch - the more details you provide, the better our AI can meet your expectations.

How does RoomAI compare with competitors?

Compared with other tools of the same type, RoomAI has better app interaction, superior design results, more flexible pricing plans, and more affordable pricing (thanks to our computational optimization, our costs are over 50% cheaper than our competitors).

Do I still need an interior designer after having RoomAI?

RoomAI is a powerful tool that can serve as a complete solution for many users. However, depending on your specific needs, the expertise of an interior designer can provide additional value. We see RoomAI working in harmony with professional designers, augmenting their skills with our AI technology.